The “daughters of Jerusalem” can be found throughout the Song of Songs and in Luke 23:28 (NRSVCE). They are a simple, seemingly unremarkable group of ladies who are called upon to be witnesses to something profound. We are all called to be witnesses; this blog is, for me, an answer to that call.

A little about me. I grew up with a melting pot of religious influences: Methodist, Southern Baptist, Unitarian, Jewish. Once I seriously encountered Catholicism as a young adult, I never looked back. I have a Master’s from the Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College, specializing in Systematic Theology. My graduate thesis focused on the Song of Songs (hence the inspiration for this blog’s name!), and I hope to continue my education at some point with a concentration on marriage and family issues. I’ll probably throw some Church History in with that, because I’m a Church nerd at heart.

When I’m not learning, I’m teaching and creating educational content for parishes and educators, as well as homeschooling my four redheads. Much of my free time is spent adventuring with my family, usually at the beach or in the gym.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Melissa!
    My name is Thea Parsons and I am writing to invite you to be a guest, via Skype, on the Women of Grace television program with Johnnette Williams! She would like to interview you on your book, The Supreme Vocation of Woman According to Saint John Paul II. (I love the cover, by the way!) Please email me and I can send you a more formal invitation! God bless you, I look forward to hearing from you!


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